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Welcome to, where you will find fun Spanish games based on great Spanish stories. These stories and games will help you or your child learn Spanish vocabulary and grammar, as well as learn about many cultural aspects of different Spanish-speaking countries.

Spanish Language Games to Enhance Your Learning

Word Toss

Practice your Spanish vocabulary with this kid-friendly carnival game with 200 standard Spanish terms. To win a reward, correctly translate ten words into or from Spanish. If you get three wrong answers, the game is over!

Spanish in Flow

Play this game to improve your Spanish vocabulary of animals, clothing, and foods. All you have to do is listen to the word and select the appropriate picture. You can adjust the game's speed from slow to fast and play it at your convenience.

The Dialogue Game

An excellent video game for both beginners and experienced learners. You may listen to dialogues and conversations on the relevant topic and then answer questions based on the dialogue, which helps practise dialogue skills.

Digital Dialects

A fun approach for beginners and children to learn Spanish, with engaging and interactive quizzes scattered throughout the game. An excellent game for beginners to help them visualise and learn Spanish while also entertainingly expanding their vocabulary.

Animated versions of traditional Spanish children's songs

Everything improves better when there is music playing! Simply play the animated versions of Spanish children's songs with Spanish subtitles and join in with your children in practising reading and speaking while enjoying the rhythm. To learn more, use the navigation!

Spanish Vocabulary Online

Fast Hands

Add some pressure to your Spanish learning with a timer that counts down as you listen to the Spanish words and select the correct image to see how quickly you can recognise the terms.

Word Search + Hangman

Play these word games to translate Spanish words or enhance your spelling and vocabulary. They are ideal for anyone of any age who want to improve their Spanish learning skills.

The Numbers Game

Improve your number vocabulary in Spanish by playing a range of Spanish number games, which will benefit adults and children in learning to count and spell numbers in Spanish.

Spanish Scrabble

Play Spanish Scrabble online with various letter values in the titles that are simple to play but can help you and your children practise Spanish in a fun way.

Spanish Games & Board games for Kids

Prepare to be fluent and expand your vocabulary with our many Spanish word games and
board games for kids to learn Spanish rapidly.


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